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21:00 – 23:00 FIGHT CLUB • KÅKÅ, Valberget 3

Nuart recreates the ambience of the original symposia by hosting a debate on a current hot topic in street art culture to be argued by two opposing teams made up of artists, academics and industry professionals.

Evan Pricco (Managing Editor of Juxtapoz Magazine) and Dr. Susan Hansen (Department of Psychology at Middlesex University) go head-to- head to argue these points and more in the latest installment of Nuart's legendary Fight Club. Refereed by Doug Gillen (Founder & Director, Fifth Wall TV).




11:00–17:00 Memory and The City • Tou, Scene 1, Kvitsøygata 25


Day 1 addresses the theme of Memory and the City. How can we work with the city's memories to enliven and enrich our experience of the city? Featuring a guest keynote from subcultural sociologist Dr Erik Hannerz (SE), followed by talks and presentations from this year's artists alongside contributions from internationally renowned filmmakers, curators and researchers.


11:00–11:10 Welcome


11:10–12:00 Erik Hannerz: Rewriting the city: Subcultural play and urban creativity
Keynote Dr Erik Hannerz (Lund University Sweden) will discuss his ideas on how we could “re-write” the city, and think outside the grid, by adopting some lessons learned from those who see the city's surfaces as full of creative possibilities.


12:00–12:20 Malcolm Jacobson: Fucking up the city: Middle aged graffiti writers and memories of youth

Malcolm Jacobson (Stockholm University) will present his research on the memories of those who have been rewriting our cities since their youth.


12:20–12:30 Selina Miles: Filming the City

Filmmaker Selina Miles will discuss her work filming artists, writers, and their stories.


12:30–13:00 Memory and Creative Destruction. Panel discussion with Erik Hannerz, Malcolm Jacobson, and filmmaker Selina Miles

Acclaimed filmmaker Selina Miles will join Hannerz and Jacobson to consider the ways in which even apparently destructive forms of urban creativity can work positively with ‘abandoned’ spaces, and the city's memories.


13:00–14:00 Lunch


14:00–14:30 Kadri Lind and Sirla: Stencibility – Independent Anarcho-Street Art

Stencibility has built a festival framework that encourages unsanctioned creativity. Kadri Lind and Sirla will discuss the development of their unique approach to street art festivals.


14:30–15:00 Vile Films present Subvertiser, a short film on festival artist Dr D (UK) followed by a Q&A

Working over the years as a professional bill sticker and going undercover in hi-vis and subvertising the streets, Dr.D has developed his own brand of sarcasm for his and possibly our own amusement. Vile Films capture Dr.D's rebellious streak and love for the illegal side of life which started with the London warehouse party scene in the late 80's before going on to organise his own illegal parties in the early nineties. Featuring exclusive 8mm Video Footage of the 1992 Over the moon event (under the A40 bridge) in London.


15:00–15:30 Coffee Break


15:30–16:30 Norwegian Street Art Practice: Towards an Institute for Critical Street Art

A panel discussion with leading figures in contemporary Norwegian Street Art Practice: Viktor Gjengaar, Urban Samtidskunst; Eric Ness Christiansen Final Outlines, UGANGprosjektet & Arne Vilhelm Tellefsen, Deconform.


16:30–17:00 Nuart Journal Issue III launch

The exclusive launch of the third issue of Nuart Journal: Brand New You're Retro. Nuart Journal publishes provocative and critical writings on a range of topics relating to street art practice, graffiti and urban art cultures. It is fast becoming renowned as a dynamic international forum for critical discourse and commentary around urban art practice.


18:30–20:00 Scandinavian Premiere • Stavanger Odeon Cinema. Free entry.

Nuart Festival is honoured to announce, in association with Stavanger Odeon Cinema, the premiere of MZM projects' short film on the history of Nuart. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Kristina Borhes (UA)

Imaginary City is a poetic visual essay which traverses the history of Nuart Festival as a way to explore the magical ability of street art to change our ways of seeing the city, and the stories that we tell ourselves. This is a Scandinavian premiere of this love letter to Nuart and Stavanger.

19:00–Late AFTER WORK PARTY • Fargegaten, Øvre Holmegate



11:00–16:00 Memory and the City • Tou, Scene 1, Kvitsøygata 25

Day 2 continues to explore the theme of Memory and the City, with a focus on developing critical and creative strategies for working with the city's memories. Featuring a guest keynote from independent academic, art historian, critical theorist, activist, writer, curator and community artist Dr Stephen Pritchard (UK) and contributions from internationally renowned filmmakers, curators and researchers.


11:00–11:10 Welcome


11:10–11:50 Stephen Pritchard: More Today Than Yesterday (But Less Than There'll Be Tomorrow)

Keynote Dr Stephen Pritchard (UK) will give a provocative presentation on the relationship between street art, gentrification, and nostalgia narratives. As Pritchard notes, the ‘street art movement has evolved from its roots in class and race conflict and anti-gentrification activism to become [...] a perfect tool in gentrifiers' artwashing arsenals'.


11:50–12:30 Paint the Change: Jo Skoulikas and Saleem Vaillancourt, with festival artist Hyuro in conversation

Jo Skoulikas and Saleem Vaillancourt, from Paint the Change, a global street art project for social justice, present this groundbreaking project, in conversation with festival artist Hyuro.


12:30–13:30 Lunch


13:30–14:00 Splash and Burn film and Q&A with co-founder Charlotte Pyatt: Chair Evan Pricco

A screening of the latest Splash and Burn film featuring Spanish artist ESCIF, followed by Evan Pricco (Juxtapoz Magazine) in conversation with Charlotte Pyatt.


14:00–14:30 Artist talk and Q&A with Paul Harfleet: The Pansy Project

Festival artist Paul Harfleet will discuss his 15-year international Pansy Project.


14:30–15:00 Artist talk and Q&A with Jad El Khoury: Tower of Wind – with Sami Wakim, Founder of Street Art United States.

In association with Venice's Arte Laguna Art Prize. Festival artist Jad El Khoury will discusses his award-winning work.


15:00–15:30 Coffee Break


15:30–16:00 Panel discussion with Paul Harfleet, Jad El Khoury and Stephen Pritchard: Working With the City's Memories

This panel debate will consider the ways in which we can work creatively and sensitively with the city's memories.



17:00–19:00 Film Screening • Odeon Kino, Stavanger

Nuart Festival is honoured to announce, in association with Stavanger Odeon Cinema, the Scandinavian premiere of Martha: A Picture Story, a documentary by Selina Miles.


Martha: A Picture Story Directed by Selina Miles Year: 2019

Duration: 82 minutes

All Ages


In 1970s New York, photographer Martha Cooper captured some of the first images of graffiti at a time when the city had declared war against it. Three decades after publishing her book, Subway Art, photographer Martha Cooper age 75, discovers she's become an unexpected icon of one of the biggest art movements in history.

Post film Q&A with Martha Cooper and Selina Miles hosted by Evan Pricco of Juxtapoz Magazine!

Tickets here!



19:30–22:00 Exhibition opening • Tou, Beer Halls, Kvitsøygata 25

Taking its cue from a 1995 track by Bristol artist Tricky, this year's exhibition plays host to all 11 visiting artists in what is perhaps the country's finest independent exhibition space. Over 1/2 kilometre of walls will be tackled by some of the world's leading practitioners in street art culture. Bristol of the 1990's spawned some of urban culture's finest moments in both music and art, many still resonating today. Not only was it the birthplace of YBA leading light Damien Hirst, a name that revolutionised contemporary art, but also Wild Bunch, 3D, Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and of course, Banksy. This melting pot of influences created by the children of the Windrush generation, the soundsystem generation, the hip hop generation, the graffiti generation, travellers, anarchists, ravers, and the get-up and DIY generation—is emulated in this year's exhibition where 11 Artists from 7 countries and upwards of 20 volunteers come together to improvise a show on the West Coast of Norway with no plans, no gods, no masters and no borders. We hope you'll join us in celebrating the level of creativity that this freedom can bring.


Tickets available from:



22:00–02:00 Numusic Festival's 20th anniversary aka Fuck Art, Let's Dance • Tou, Machine Hall, Kvitsøygata 25


Featuring Mental Overdrive, Ra-Shidi, VJ Lupo and more...

Established in 2000 as a national platform for electronic music producers and the promotion of club culture as art. The festival partnered with the likes of Sonar Festival (Barcelona) and Club Transmediale (Berlin) and was the initiative taker behind the International Cities of Advanced Sound project – the world's leading network of electronic music festivals. Numusic returns for one night only with Northern Lights, a club night that celebrates the rich history of Nordic club culture featuring the grandfather of Norwegian House and Techno, Mental Overdrive.


Tickets available from:



11:00–16:00 NUART FAMILY DAY • Tou, Kvitsøygata 25

Welcome to Nuart's big family day out at Tou! Open for art lovers of all ages!

To round off Nuart Festival 2019, we welcome you, your family, and friends to join us for art day at Tou. There will be workshops for children of all ages, an art market with local artists, a free street art tour to show off this year's works, lounge area and DJ at Øst, limited edition street food at Fortou, the main art exhibition at Ølhallene, and more.


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Following last year’s FREEDOM issue, this edition of Nuart Journal explores the theme of LOCKDOWN. Available both online and in print from May 1, 2021.

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