Nuart, in collaboration with Utsira kommune, is proud to present a two-week artist residency with the internationally-renowned street artists Ella & Pitr.

French couple Ella & Pitr specialise in creating large-scale murals of fairytale-like characters. In 2015, as part of Nuart Festival’s 15th Anniversary celebrations, they created the world's largest outdoor mural in Klepp, Rogaland. The piece, which spans Block Berge Bygg’s 21,000 square metre roof, is titled ‘Lilith & Olaf’ and depicts a woman curled up on the rooftop with a small figure falling from her fingers. Visible from planes flying into and out of Stavanger's Sola airport, it has quickly become a new international landmark.

Ella & Pitr’s residency in Utsira marks their third visit to Norway in the space of 12 months, having also returned in March this year to produce a new mural in Stavanger sentrum and two wheatpaste’s at Sola beach, which were captured beautifully by local photographer and ‘aurora chaser’ Brian Tallman.

Photograph by Brian Tallman (2016)

From the world's largest outdoor mural to Norway's smallest municipality

Utsira had its first encounter with Street Art in 2014, when five artists visited the island and left behind numerous site-specific artworks. This has led to Street Art lovers from all over the world making the pilgrimage to this most unlikely of street art destinations. 

Embedded in the local community and inspired by the unique culture, history and scenery of the island, artists have been inspired to create work that reflects the intimate experience of life on the island. Utsira resident’s openness, curiosity and hospitality has led to surprising and magical moments that have made a deep impact on the visiting artists and the work they’ve produced.

Ella & Pitr started to dream about visiting Utsira, not only because of they thought its beautiful scenery would make a stunning backdrop for their art, but because they believe it will be a remarkable experience to get to live and work among the residents of Norway's smallest municipality for a period of time. This interaction between art and community is, as ever, a highly important part of the artist’s process.

Ella & Pitr have published several books with drawings and anecdotes from their many travels and projects. Their residency at Utsira will culminate with an exhibition of their drawings at Dalanaustet Café, 5547 Utsira on Wed 24th August, no doubt inspired by their experiences over the past fortnight.

Read more about Utsira's Street Art Programme here.

About the artists

Ella & Pitr’s playful and poignant artworks have brought them international acclaim, and can be found on rooftops, runways, houses, shipping containers and even entire fields. Their practice is defined by an innate playfulness and unique style appropriated from influences as diverse as children’s books, comic books and graffiti. As well as producing their trademark murals with prodigious energy the world over, Ella & Pitr have exhibited extensively at art galleries in France and in selected exhibitions internationally.



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