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Want to contribute to Nuart's #missiondirectives public art project? Send us your artwork in a sealable, waterproof bag (approx. 22cm x 15cm) and we will add it to our on-going open air gallery. Address: Nuart Festival, Nytorget 17, 4013 Stavanger, Norway.
Nuart and the Bergen-based artist Nipper present Mission Directives – a series of small scale installations that promote the sharing economy, creativity and citizen-led communication in public space.
Mission Directives will create an alternative zone for communication through the installation of over 30 temporary artworks in and around Stavanger.
By questioning who has the power and authority to communicate messages and create meaning in our shared spaces, and the public’s relationship to their urban environment, Mission Directives becomes part of a broader conversation of social significance.
Each of Nipper’s 30+ Mission Directives comes in one of the following three forms:
1. Gift : an artwork for the finder to take with them*
2. Special Order : a Gift for the finder to take with them along with instructions to perform a specific artistic action in public space
3. Special Invitation : a Gift for the finder to take with them along with an invitation to make a new Mission Directive using the materials provided (marker pen, spray paint, acrylic, pencil, paper and/or stencil)
* Please give others a chance to take and enjoy the artwork if you have already found one of the Mission Directives in and around Stavanger.
Nipper has collaborated with artists from USA, Portugal, Italy, Sweden and Norway to produce the series of original drawings, paintings, stencils, collages and zines that form Mission Directives. This collaborative approach mirrors Nipper’s ambitions for the project to encourage others to engage with their urban environment in a creative and playful manner.
Contributing artists:
Akay (SW)
Canemorto (IT)
John XC (UK)
Mania (NO)
Maud (PT)
Teg (NO)
Mission Directives is part of Nuart Festival’s wider goal to help redefine how we experience art: to bring art out of museums, galleries and public institutions onto the city streets. Central to this goal is the belief that art should be a part of peoples everyday lives.
Psychogeography and new urbanism
The concept of psychogeography was first developed in the streets of Paris in the late 1950s by the Letterist International, which later became the Situationist International.
It has been used in various incarnations by geographers, architects, and artists as a method that embraces breaking routine to explore or ‘drift’ through public space and experience the urban environment in new and novel ways.
Psychogeography mirrors the ways in which graffiti and street artists navigate the city and, ultimately, provides a heightened awareness and perception of one’s surroundings.
The popularity of smartphones, tablets and social media platforms has opened up new opportunities for people to gain access to and interact with art and culture at any given location.
The hashtag #missiondirectives will provide hints to the locations of some of Nipper’s 30+ artworks, which will be situated in three key areas of the city: Storhaug in the east part of the city, Stavanger city centre, and along Pedersgata (the main artery that connects the two).


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